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Back at Home

Cydney and I are back home in Fresno, California for a few days.  I got off work yesterday at 3:00 pm and me and Cydney ended up leaving for Cali at 4:00 pm.  We drove all the way through the night and got into town at 5:00 am California time.  The drive was extremely long and exhausting.  We were so excited to see family and spend some quality time with them.  It is so worth the drive and the time.  The main reason why we came was to celebrate Cydney’s grandmother’s 80th birthday.  We are driving home on Sunday morning to Utah.  It’s weird to think that even though we now live in Utah and call it our home, our real home is in Fresno with our families.  We were so excited that we got to take some time away and spend it with family and also with each other.  Cydney and I had an awesome time on the road trip.  We were so lathargic at times that we ended up talking about some pretty weird things.  We had an awesome time.



  Marshall TP wrote @

Drive to Long Beach and see meeeeeeee!!!!!

  Brooke wrote @

WHAT?!?! You were in Fresno and we didn’t get to see you guys?!?!? SO SADDDD!!!!!

  Brooke wrote @

you inspired me. : )

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